Linux Projects

Here is the list of open-source projects I'm maintaining:

peksystray - Not A Pesky System Tray

A notification tray designed for all the light window managers supporting docking.

ACPI DSDT in initramfs

A Linux kernel patch for being able to use customized ACPI table without recompiling the kernel. Mainly useful for distributions.


A Linux driver for the O2Micro smartcard reader. It's a based on the driver provided by O2Micro but adapted to the latest kernel (2.6.21 and later). There is also a small userspace wrapper for PCSC-Lite.

lis3lv02d Linux driver

A Linux kernel driver for the STMicroelectronics LIS3x02Dx accelerometers. In particular this type of accelerometer is found in an increasing number of HP laptops. In practice, such driver allows for instance to detect when the laptop is falling and turning off the harddisk at this moment, or to automatically rotate the screen depending on the physically orientation of the laptop.